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I got into Bitcoin Mining today

So, I got paid today. Nothing special, happens every two weeks. But Today I decided to give cloud mining a try. See, since 2008 we’ve seen a new type of currency propagating across the internet. Digital Currencies that are decentralized, and not bound by the good faith and credit of any one government. The first of these was Bitcoin, which is still the most popular and recently had a hard fork with Bitcoin Cash due to a debate on scalability.

Bitcoin is not the only digital currency though, you have others like LiteCoin and Etherium, both of which are supported on the bitcoin exchange wallet service

Now, I found a cloud based mining company that takes its maintenance out in bitcoins you mine off their hardware. Not so bad when you consider how much it takes to get started. I gave then $30USD/0.01 BTC and started up. Now, I won’t know exactly how effective this is until the first payout, so I can’t go into it now, but if it’s not all I lost is $30USD.

But let’s assume that I make back that $30USD. Then proceed to let the mining go on to make a bit more. From what I can tell for tax purposes these are all covered under the same regulations as any currency trading. So, I’m going to have to put back about 50% of anything I make for Capital Gains Taxes next year.

Still, 50% of something is better than all of nothing.

I’m thinking of reinvesting into the process as I make more BTC. I will take the first 0.01BTC after my tax savings are considered and get started on Ethereum mining on the same services. Cost about $29.99USD for 2 years. I can improve on that over time hopefully as I add power to the mix.

But what does this all mean in the long term? I’m assuming for tax purposes that all of this is covered under US Tax law, and that saving back 50% of it should be sufficient. To my knowledge no one pays more than 50% taxes on IRS. Any better information would be appreciated. But even then, all my digital currency at the end of the year will need to be dealt with in taxes as US Dollars. Not a bad thing, or a good thing, just the currency of the country I’m a citizen of.

I’m all for anyone who has knowledge into this world I’m stepping into.

Getting Back to it!

So, I’ve once again gone silent for no really good reason save for feeling extremely tired and beat up. I will TRY not to let that happen again but I can’t guarantee it… not that I ever do.

So here’s what I have coming up for this page. First off, a refit is coming from WordPress into Drupal 7, using my Bookshelf feature set as the base for all my stories. The extra configuration and setup should allow me a lot more freedom with how I present everything to you all. I hope it includes some great mobile layouts and such for all of you.

Second, I have some ideas for non-scifi stories that I’m not sure I’ll be able to write. They are of course pointing at some of todays social issues and I want to keep things from being too harsh. But at the same time these stories are drifting in my head. I’ll work on them and then post them and see what sticks.

Time to try and write at least some thoughts for the page over the next several weeks. Got to get back into my interests. Also going to try and get back into shape. I’ll keep you up to date on how that is going.


Healing and ideas

So, I’ve finished surgery. It’s been a bit over two weeks since my gall bladder was removed, and while I’m still sore I’m getting better. Right now I’m back at work and I’m doing alright as it stands. So Time to start working on ideas and coming up with ways to make new things.

First thing is I am going to start taking notes in my OneNote app on my Lumia 950. I need to just jot down quick ideas and story thoughts when I can and I’d advise anyone else who wants to do more writing to do the same.

Second, I need to finish my feature set in Drupal for Bookshelf Open. It’s getting close and while I want to get a better setup for the User side and create something for admin as well, I need to plan out the next variants. I’m also going to need to bite the bullet and FINALLY try and really learn php code.

Another thing I want to pursue is creating Universal Windows Apps. These apps would be windows 10 based programs allowing someone to be on or and not have to be in a browser, maybe offline download some story content and such. Anything I can think of and develop up. It be interesting. Even if all I create is just an app for me or others to build their stories on and upload to the site.

I WANT to do all of this. If I actually do or pull it off is another thing.

The Match

History is a lesson in cycles. The cycle repeats over and over again. Civilizations, nations, republics, empires rise and fall. One group dominates another, some try to co-exist, war is followed by peace, expansion is followed by decline. Some people fight it, some welcome it, and others just try to get by.

Whatever the spark had been, it didn’t really matter at this point. Things were falling apart, and while some were using it as an excuse to attack people they hated for even the pettiest of reasons, others were doing their best to bring some order back. We couldn’t stop it from falling apart, but we could try to put it back together.

It all started with one black guy getting taken down. Nothing out of the ordinary, guy had a record big as I was tall. He resisted arrest, attacked both an officer and an elderly woman who was just trying to get some food for her cat. The arresting officer took him down, maybe with a bit more force than usual, but that’s how it goes.

It’s happened before, no one cared about how many people this guy had hurt, or stolen from, or even if he’d almost killed them. He got a booboo when he was taken in so they started screaming about brutality. Protested in the middle of the city. Happens almost all the time it seems these days.

This time though, someone had the bright idea of showing the protestors their place. It was a massacre. Almost a hundred dead, hundreds more maimed and seriously injured. The match had been lit, and it didn’t stop burning until it hit the fuse. Now the bomb was set to blow.

And blow it did. Now the city is in a full on race war. People, just living their lives now having to run in fear, hide from one side or the other. You look white, one side kills you. You look like a criminal, the other side lynches you for “justice.”

The churches, synagogues, and mosques have become refuges for the innocent looking to get out of the firing line. Entire lives burned to ash for the simple crime of not being the same as the arsonist who lit the flame. We aren’t getting any help from the state, or the Feds. It’s on us to go out there and try and bring order to the city.

The Mayor tried to tell us to stand down, to let it burn itself out. The problem is that it’s not. It’s only getting worse. Our duty is to the people, not the politicians, or the ideologies at play here. We’ve got our gear, our guns, and our duty.

Protect and Serve.

May God have mercy on us all.

It’s about more then just your Feelings

I saw this article linked on Facebook on one of the groups I follow.

You can read it here, but I can already tell you a bit about it. It’s basically a condemnation of futurists because they might be mostly white old men as opposed to young trans-gendered whatevers.

I’m getting sick and tired of these children trying to make everything about their private parts and how they are being oppressed by having to go to a different bathroom then they want to. These children seem to think the world is nothing but a racist sexist world, and that all their problems can be laid to rest at the feet of white men. They refuse to accept that their failures are on them, and not on anyone else.

They refuse to accept that a persons destiny is decided by them, but only if they will take responsibility for it.

I doubt the will grow up, because they have been raised to believe they don’t have to live with the consequences of their actions.

Sci-fi is supposed to be about the future, about dreaming of a world that we could reach. They focus however of this SJW BS on only the most superficial of aspects.

This is supposed to be able looking to the future and seeing a world we can strive for. Or looking to one of our possible futures as a warning.

Books like 1984 and Brave New World.

Television and Movies like Star Trek and Star Wars.

I’m worried that this generation only thinks in terms of what’s cool and what is in it for them singularly. WE were all trying to come together and become one happy human race in the Civil Rights Struggles of the 60’s, the Economic and Cultural Struggle of the 70’s, the Cold War and the rebuilding of hope through the 80’s and 90s. We hit the turn of the millennium, and after 9/11 everything went straight to Hell. And it hasn’t started getting better yet.

The new Racists are the ones who are trying to blame all of societies ills on white men. The ones who are trying to say only certain lives matter and a hashtag is all you need to start a campaign of hate.

I look the future without the hope I used to because of this. I end up drowning myself in a sea of old stories, tv shows dedicated to science and learning about how one can learn about science. (Mythbusters)

President Obama was elected his first term on Hope and Change. On the idea that We Could Do This. I voted McCain… I’m afraid I was right in that vote now. He didn’t bring us hope and change. He bought us division and condemnation if we didn’t march lock step with him. He said we’d already been to the moon and cancelled out return there. He has not supported new ideas and new hope.

At least it feels that way to me.

I read a think on IFL science where MIT may have come up with a way to make Fusion Reactors more probably at a time scale NOT in the next century.

It’s a cautions hope.

This became a bit of a post… I should post this on my personal blog I think.

Organization? Not Really!

So I am trying to figure out what I should do as it relates to content. I have more than enough ideas to create a ton of posts for all stories and posts for the groups. The problem is that I get too worked up over work.
I don’t make the money I used to. I live with Mom and Dad again. Keeping the sites up is basically the only thing I have to hold on to at times. It gets a bit depressing.
So I could use some recommendations on how I should go about creating more content. I want to make my sites and groups worth the time to read, if not a few bucks from the readers.
Comments are open and welcome.

The Fourth of July for 2015

This time of year it’s important for all of us to take a moment and reflect on the state of our Country. We talk about it all year round, but today isn’t really a day for protesting. It’s one of the days of the year we set aside for Family, Friends, and Fun. That’s really what the important part of today is. We take a moment to appreciate what we have and who we have. We remember how many of our ancestors fought to first establish this country, then to protect and ensure its continued existence. We remember all of those who gave their last measure of blood, the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, a lot of people only care to talk bout our mistakes, and we’ve made our fair share. It’s important to note that up until the turn of this century there really wasn’t any single country on Earth that wasn’t trying to dominate and control another through force of arms or economy. The previous Century brought forth change at a rate more extreme and rapid then any century previously. It only sped up after the Second World War with the advancement of computer technology, which led to more rapid distribution of information. Social reform as well sped up, where change that would linger and take centuries to even be talked about happened in barely years, a decade at most. It’s difficult to see things though, and to try and see them with the filter of present day ignores an important point.

Regardless of what happened, what battles needed to be fought, and what wrongs needed to be righted we stand together. Where Europe would continue to fracture and fight against itself or cause suffering on their neighbors we tried to remain united. When we fought against each other during our Civil War we shed more blood then before or since. The reasons can be debated, but at the end of the day we fought a war against ourselves about whether we would stay together. Those who fought for the Union won that war.

Most days we see those who would tear our world asunder for hate, for ideology, for money. We see people demanding we give up all of our rights because it offends them, or they threaten us with blood and death. We’ve spent the last fifty years trying to not just ensure peace at home, but to try and spread Peace for as many as we could. This is NOT something to be condemned or ridiculed. No other country made any attempt for centuries to try and improve life for those outside their borders, regardless of what those in the Old World would like to believe.

So we stand here this Fourth of July, when we declared our Independence from the Tyranny of Europe. We said All Men are Created Equal, and while we haven’t always lived up to that promise we’ve done our damnedest to do so. Even now we are still trying to figure out how best to ensure our people, our country can continue to Fulfilled the Promise of that Declaration without losing who we are as we do so. It’s a difficult thing to do, especially in this day and age, but we have to. If not us then who?

Remember those who gave their lives, their blood, to try and help and create a More Perfect Union. Not absolutely perfect, but as close as humanity can get. We get closer every time we stand, protest, assemble, debate, and agree or disagree. Only when we descend to violence do we fail. Peaceful discussion and debate leads to more ideas.

So Happy Fourth, and enjoy your time with the people who are important to you. And remember, you are the United States.

To Those Who Believe in Global Climate Change and Actually Have Money!

If you don’t believe in the theory of man-made climate change than this one isn’t for you. If you feel a lot of this is just panicking over something that is not proven you can read one of my other posts. You aren’t the one I’m talking to today. To those of you however who do believe that this science is proven out, that the evidence is conclusive, and unlike me actually have money to do something about it, this one if for you.

First off I don’t believe that Climate Change science is settled science. I don’t believe good science should EVER be considered settled. Good science is always in flux, always open to new information, always open to disproving. Settled science is frankly bad science in my opinion, and becomes less about data and experimentation and the Scientific Method and more about politics and belief. I do believe in moving towards solar and wind and other renewable energy sources, reducing if not completely rendering the use of fossil fuels obsolete, and doing what was can to improve the state of the world we live in. I’ll never say Climate Science is settled or absolute, because I don’t believe it should be. We must be willing to disprove hypothesis no matter what.

To those of you however who not only do agree that the science is there, but also have the cash to do something on a person level, this one is for you.

You need to do something about your own use.

If I had the cash for it I’d been living with solar panels and Tesla batteries, greywater irrigation for a yard, and composting all over the place. I however work part-time at a retail store. I don’t make enough to even have my own home.

Those of you who are much better off than me should however be leading by example.

If you lived in an upscale neighborhood in a drought stricken area and believe in Climate Change you should be replacing your grass with drought resistant plants and using your grey water. If you are in a higher tax braket then me you should be installing solar panels or wind turbines and storing that energy as well as putting it out on the grid. If you think the science is settled and have an address in a high priced zip code then you had better be pushing regs at your HOA that support ecologicaly friendly work.

Cause if you aren’t, you are a major part of the problem.

People who don’t want to change always point to the market, saying the market will decide. Which angers people who want these techs out there now. The problem is that YOU ARE THE MARKET!!! YOU Are who they are saying isn’t buying the ecofriendly options. You are the ones who demand these changes then go out and buy a gas guzzling muscle care or SUV, then bitch about it not being more efficiant. Why should companies put out things like that when you folks with the cash aren’t buying them?

Why should we have renewable energy when people in high priced areas don’t want a windmill or solar cell because of how it makes the area look?

If you have the money then you MUST follow through. I am not going to hold this against those who disagree with the idea of Climate Change. They don’t believe the science is solid, they don’t believe the data supports it, and they believe that tech will advance as it should and that is that. They aren’t the ones I’m holding accountable.

You guys however who do have the cash and the belief… why aren’t you leading by example and spending dollars for better options?

One of the things I want to do is build a town dedicated to these ideals here in Texas. I need cash and people willing to live, work, and build a life there. If you support the idea of renewable energy, green friendly building, and other eco options then you need to stand up and put your cash down on what you need to pull it off in your home, in your life.

Change like this doesn’t start with government and corporations. It begins with people.

The Supreme Court Declares Gay Marriage Legal! Conan O’Brian Officiates Gay Wedding!

This will probably be my only contribution to the discussion/Massive Torrent of noise round yesterday’s Supreme Court Decision if only because I find it to be kick ass.

My position on Gay Marriage has always been along the lines of “I’m not Gay… I have bigger problems to deal with in my life.” Let’s be honest, if you don’t find people of the same sex desirable then this doesn’t change your life one damn bit, no matter what side you fall on the debate.

I think the thing that has made this such a hot button topic is because, regardless of the fact you could just go down to the court house to do the deed, Marriage is a deeply and heavily Religious ritual. It’s easy in this day and age for  lot of us to divorce ourselves from that truth, but it’s still there.

And if Marriage were still under the soul authority of a religious ritual then Amendment 1 would have to kick in. I’m sorry but that’s just how it is.

But it’s NOT a strictly religious thing anymore. Hasn’t been for a very long time. So Instead of Amendment 1 and the Separation Clause kicking in Amendment 14 and Equal Protection MUST kick in under the law. The legal institution must adhere to the Constitution, and Amendment 14 makes that clear.

You can argue about which level of our government has authority over the legal intuition as it relates to licenses, taxes, property, but at the end of the day Amendment 14 makes it clear that you can’t restrict it without a damned good reason. And because it’s two men or two women isn’t one of them.

The RELIGIOUS institution is still protected under Amendment 1, it has to be. The Separation clause is NOT a one way street where the Government can dictate the belief structure of a religion. If that were the case then we could legally tell any religion that they have to change their structure as the Government sees fit.

The Founders didn’t WANT the Government telling them how to worship, who to worship, or what not to believe in. It’s easy to think it was about keeping the Church out of our Government, but it was just as much about keeping the Government out of our faith. European countries of the time had state approved Religions, even if they were all just Offshoots of Christianity.

Much like the separate sects of Islam are today.

So as of now it’s the law of the land. Let us take the time to celebrate it, but not let this overwhelm what must happen next. WE still have what I call REAL problems in this country to debate, to discuss, and to try and find solutions for. We have discoveries to make, and schedules to keep. Some people just get to do so now as a recognized unit under the law that couldn’t Thursday when we all went to bed.

That’s my thought out of the way.