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Saturday Project Ideas!

So I have started trying to get myself out of the rut I allowed myself to fall into. It’s time I took some time to plan these projects I’ve been thinking off.

First thing, to all who do read my posts and stories thank you. If you like that than please share my posts with your friends. Leave comments in my comment section as well. There is nothing better than knowing what I write actually interests people. If you like that then think of throwing a few dollars to me via Paypal or Patreon.

Projects are what we call things that take up a lot more than just a simple instruction page. They are things that involve resources, information, hard work, and a bit of dedication.

I want to bring a tiny community to the Granbury, TX area. I think it is a great place to do so. Far enough outside DFW that you can enjoy the natural beauty of the Texas geography, but close enough to go and enjoy Ft. Worth’s sites.

First though I want to build my own. I recently ordered Tumbleweed Homes construction DVD. It’s in the mail and will provide a lot of good information. I also ordered a book on tiny house design.

This however brings me to a problem. Just buying a trailer for the build is $7,000USD before you take into account delivery. That gets you to close to $10KUSD I don’t own a truck that could transport it either.

One of the places I want for my tiny town is on the Brazos and costs $270,000USD.

So I guess part of the solution now is figuring out the financial part.

Of you like the idea of a Texas big tiny house town than I will appreciate any support for the idea. Material, moral, or financial.

I would also hope if you like the idea you would support it by setting up shop here. I definitely would be willing to help anyone who wants to build a tiny house RV or cottage in this projected community. You can also help develop businesses for income here.

I don’t know if this will work out, but one should be willing to try.

I will post GoFundMe links here shortly for the projects. Maybe we can do something big with little homes!

DIY – Time to Work on Things!

So I’m working on rebuilding my big box computer. My Desktop fried several years ago, and I am only now having the cash to rebuild it and not use some throw away small box computers we salvaged around here. I still have my preferences for parts and I’m still working that way. It’s just how I am.

It’s led me to ponder how I could do other things myself, how to build things that I would HOPE I could do myself instead of hunting down used or a box from Walmart or fancy expensive stuff from furniture stores.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of things out there now you can’t put together and figure out on your own. We depend on smartphones, laptops, and tablets that are so delicate that any user modification is just insanity. But we still also use Desktops. We need places to put things, we have cars that we can somewhat work on with our own hands.

So I’m building a desktop out of parts, though I can’t do the whole printed circuit board design and build up from scratch thing, that’s Dad’s career. I can assemble parts just fine, of course with the way things are all you get really is a motherboard and everything is on it, you can add on later, but It’s all on the MB now. Still, it can be done by hand.

You can build a nice sturdy table, desk, or shelf with plywood and screws from the home improvement store. You don’t HAVE to just get the stuff made of particle board that’s cheap, or the extremely expensive antique stuff.

We need to do more DIY I think in the world. Let’s see what we can do and build up for ourselves instead of just getting kits from the store and reading their instructions. Let’s build something that will last and serve our purpose well. 🙂

Project Bookshelf: Default Content types and Features

So I’m working on Bookshelf some and I’m wondering what my default content types should be. Obviously I’ve already got three default types; Writing Prompt, Story Front Page, and Chapter Page. But should there be others? Should forum topics be active by default? Should I have default image galleries for everyone? That’s the question.

The Reason I’m thinking on this is for my User Content Management System (UCMS). My UCMS is designed around allowing the active user to have easy access to all of their content on a Bookshelf Archive, to include forum topics they have started. I’m still not entirely happy with how I did that on my 2.0 design, but I would like to try and make something similar to editing Chapters in my Story editing page. Something that just displays all the comments of a particular thread with the opening topic displayed and the table sorted by date of last comment.

It’s a thought at least.

Also, I’m trying to keep things simple and such, but I also need to have a good set of features for anyone interested. So there are dependencies to consider. Right now it’s dependent on Views, Panels, QuickTabss, Panelizer, and some of Core. I’m trying to keep things small mostly, but how much should be default and how much left to the person setting things up. I’m going to have to limit myself on this build.

I may consider, once I have bookshelf as something usable, recreating Dhampir Dreams on it and putting the cleaner setup into It’s going to be difficult either way as I’ll have to work towards a good migrate setup as well… but that being said I might be able to figure out a better way of things at a later point instead of my current content recreation work. No idea, I just need to get it all done.

Any ideas are of course welcome.

Story Content Types in Drupal

I’m working on Bookshelf again, and I am starting with a clean install of Panopoly over on The thing you have to understand is that the first thing I always do is create my basic taxonomies and content types. There are reasons for that.

  1. Everything I do revolves around these taxonomies and content types.
  2. They are the easiest things to take care of first.

So I create my taxonomies. These are the vocabularies that you ae going to use to define your content around your archive. Things like Literary Genres, Ratings, Series, Production Status, things of that nature.

Figure 1 – Genre Taxonomy

 I have to create these first as they are what I use to build up the Content Types for Writing Prompts and Story Front Pages. Those content types reference these term listings and need them as one continues through their archive process.

Also, creating my content types has to be done in an order as some have Entity References to others. Chapter Pages reference Story Front Pages, and Story Front Pages reference Writing Prompts. And while you can modify just HOW content types handle those references, you have to first create them before you can create those reference lists in views. Bit of a circular thing if you will. I’ll go into that more at a later time.

So I’m basically just creating basics right now. Things can get a lot more complicated or a lot simpler as time goes by, and I will get into that later. I’ve already spoken once on how to create structures stories and chapters in Drupal using Entity Refernce before and the User Content Management System I created. But I’ll discuss it again later probably with more depth and the like.

Let me know what you think.

Status Report on Projects!

Well, I figured I would give you some updates on a few projects I’ve been toying at as I’ve worked. I’m going to give you guys a status on it.

First up, Project Bookshelf is back on the table. I’m going to create a Project Page for it later, and drop some images. What Bookshelf is, is a Drupal based setup for story archiving. It’s basically what I’ve done on, and is being built on the Panopoly distribution of Drupal. It has three content types: Writing Prompts, Story Front Page, and Chapter Pages. It also has a panelized layout with Quick Tabs setup for user contributions and use content creation setup based on my user dashboard, built with Homebox. I’ll be working on that and getting it stable then asking the guys on the Drupal pages and groups how I would go about making this a good distro.

Project Snapping Turtle is still in planning stages. I have to figure out how I want to do this and start paying for things and saving up for plans and such. I will probably have to setup a GoFundMe Campaign on this for the basics and the most expensive parts of the build. I work in a Home Depot, so I know that a lot of structure should be easy, but I need to get tools and such as well. Not to mention the foundation trailer.

Which brings us to Fall Creek Campground and Brazos Banks Tiny House Communities. I’m going to want to do this first as they will provide experience and knowledge for the big project of Sunshine, TX. Sunshine however is going to require more than just money. It’s going to require commitment from you, the people. I’m going to want people to donate not just money, but themselves for that project. I want to build up enough of a population to incorporate as a real Texas town, and that needs legal work.

I’ve got all of this in mind, and if you are willing then I ask that you help out, either in cash or in moral support, or even experience if you have it that would be beneficial to all these projects. I WANT to prove a green ecofriendly town is possible. I want to do this and start with these projects. But projects of this magnitude require folk who believe to provide support, in some way shape or form.

So let me know what you think, comments are always welcome.

The Wandering Society

So I’ve got a few ideas for Tiny House Communities here in and around Granbury, TX. One of them involves building me a campground sort of thing where folk can drive up and get settled down for a few days or so. Nothing long term, just like a week’s vacation or something to that effect. It have a nice pool, and be an environmentally friendly as I could make it and still be legal. I’ve actually found a perfect spot locally for such a thing. IT be along Fall Creek Highway here, and would probably be open sometime next year if I were able to get everything I needed for zoning, licensing and all of it built. I have an overhead shot of the Region of Fall Creek I would want to try and build in.


I’m not sure if it’s the best, but I would want to preserve as much of the tree cover there as possible. That’s what I want for that idea, and I think it be an interesting setup. I still need to go to Hood County and ask folk there. Then there is the place near where I live that I think would be a nice spot for a Tiny House Community Semi-Long term.


There is a 30 acre spot in there that is all trees and for sale. I think if things were done properly you could fit a nice green Tiny House community there. Once again the goal is to do so with as little environmental impact as possible. This piece of land is $270,000 plus applicable taxes. But Boy would it be a love spot to create a small community on. Also it goes straight down to the Brazos River so there is a spot to build a recreation area for everyone. I’ll probably be starting up the GoFundMe Campaign to start my Tiny House here in a week or so, and I’m going to try and keep it for the really big things like appliances and toilet and such. But I have this idea and I’m wanting to know who is up for it. If so you’ll have your chance to contribute here once I create the project page. Laters!

Projects and Funding Needs

Well, I’ve started into the world of Crowd Funding. I’m not sure if I will be able to pull it off well but I’m going to at least try. So let’s go up and down the gamut of things I will be trying to fund.

First we have the Patreon Account. If you find anything I’ve done worthwhile and want to just give a bit to help out the monthly expenses then you can go there and make your donation. I’m not asking for you to give me all your Netflix money, but maybe have buy me a Starbucks coffee now and again. Hopefully, if I get enough cash per month I might be able to afford to move the sites from the GoDaddy VPN to a Pantheon server. That’s $100USD a month just for what I think is minimum standard.

Second we have the GoFundMe account. That is for Campaigns and small project ideas. Maybe some fund raising to help out around my life here as I’m still trying to build up a following. I’ll be providing what I can, and I’m honestly wondering about putting out a monthly video commentary or something of that nature. I’ll work on it later, it’s a thought at least.

Then we have Kickstarter, the site for the REALLY big all or nothing ideas. Sunshine, TX may end up on Kickstarter. I have some ideas and thoughts and will proceed from there. No clue on how to start on that yet but any suggestions are welcome.

And finally, the easiest thing to do is to just share what I put out. Get your friends and family exposed to my content and ask them if it’s worth their time. The more people who see the more I can rely on ads and less on you all directly funding things. I’m hoping for some bump on that as I try and keep up with folks and post more things. Updates coming as I can.

That’s all I have for now. I’m going to do up a full post detailing an evolution of Sunshine, TX later.