Re-Take the Animation

Usually we use this spot for updating about the general site activity and updates. this time though there is a project that has come to my attention through Eric Blair I’d like to post up here.

A group of folk have decided to take fan-based work up a notch. Zeak Studios is producing an entire animation series based on the Re-take Evangelion dojinshi (sp). this is definatly something I hae never heard of in fan based art work of any kind and marks a nice little event in my opinion. and will have links posted to his site and hopfully he’ll have his first video out by May 23.

We’ll be supporting this project as best we can. They could use some voice actors, especially females. so if you want to aid these guys head over to his site and take a look. Also the associated youtube page is here.

We wish him good luck in his endevor.