The Eb and Flow of Web Communities

Been thinking on how things have come up in the general ebbing of interest in the EFO and DS communities of late. Fact is that Eva is still an old series, and new blood coming in is really non-existent. I’m still writing on mine, but my output is so minuscule it doesn’t matter at times. Some good fics on FFN have come up lately, and I’m trying to get more going.

So Here’s a question. When something like this happens what’s the best course of action do you think? I’m not one for closing up shop, never gonna be one for that. Still it be nice to find a way to bring new life to the sites and communities. I can’t say that I’ve made friends in any of them, but then again I don’t care for a lot of people myself. Personality conflicts to the extreme. i still try to troll FFN every now and again to get some new blood for the sites but obviously it does’t always work.

So the question becomes how best to revitalize a community after 10 years where the attention span seems to be measured in seconds.