Projects and Funding Needs

Well, I’ve started into the world of Crowd Funding. I’m not sure if I will be able to pull it off well but I’m going to at least try. So let’s go up and down the gamut of things I will be trying to fund.

First we have the Patreon Account. If you find anything I’ve done worthwhile and want to just give a bit to help out the monthly expenses then you can go there and make your donation. I’m not asking for you to give me all your Netflix money, but maybe have buy me a Starbucks coffee now and again. Hopefully, if I get enough cash per month I might be able to afford to move the sites from the GoDaddy VPN to a Pantheon server. That’s $100USD a month just for what I think is minimum standard.

Second we have the GoFundMe account. That is for Campaigns and small project ideas. Maybe some fund raising to help out around my life here as I’m still trying to build up a following. I’ll be providing what I can, and I’m honestly wondering about putting out a monthly video commentary or something of that nature. I’ll work on it later, it’s a thought at least.

Then we have Kickstarter, the site for the REALLY big all or nothing ideas. Sunshine, TX may end up on Kickstarter. I have some ideas and thoughts and will proceed from there. No clue on how to start on that yet but any suggestions are welcome.

And finally, the easiest thing to do is to just share what I put out. Get your friends and family exposed to my content and ask them if it’s worth their time. The more people who see the more I can rely on ads and less on you all directly funding things. I’m hoping for some bump on that as I try and keep up with folks and post more things. Updates coming as I can.

That’s all I have for now. I’m going to do up a full post detailing an evolution of Sunshine, TX later.