The Rejection Letter from The Beechhurst Press

My Great Grandmother wrote a work of Fiction called “The Yellow Devil” about turn of the century life in rural Texas. I’m still reading through it, and will need to post more as I go, but she attempted to have it published. The Publishing company she tried with however turned down her manuscript. This is the letter they sent to her. To my knowledge she didn’t try again with any other publisher.

Would she have been able to publish on Kindle were she alive today? I don’t know, maybe she would have. BUt for now I share this as I attempt to transcribe her work into a good set of document files for posting.

January 22, 1953


Corrah Smith

The Devon, Suite 301-6

70 West 55th Street

New York 19, N.Y.


Dear Miss Smith,


We have read your manuscript, THE YELLOW DEVIL, with interest, but regret that we are unable to add it to our list. However we appreciate your thought in submitting it to us, and we hope that you will meet success elsewhere. We are holding the manuscript at our office for you to pick up.


Sincerely yours,

for The Beechhurst Press

Charles Dwoskin