Alms for the…

So I’m sitting here working DS and pondering continued support on the site server and the like. It’s been rather difficult to get what I need as it relates to resources, and even then it’s difficult to keep it going due to cost. So I’ve started adding ads to my sites in order to drum up some revenue and I’m trying to figure out a good way for folks to contribute to the site through donations via paypal.

If I make over $10k USD on Paypal using a donation button and I don’t register as a non-profit they will hold the cash until I justify myself. But I have other ideas and such. I may still be able to pull it off but I need to figure out the button I’d have to use for it. But it’s still a thought process right now.

If the ad revenue starts coming in, and if it’s sufficient for my needs the donations might not be needed. But that’s if they make enough money. I figure I need about $1200USD to $2000USD yearly to get the sites running. That’s not really that much if the costs get differed and such. If the costs get differed it actually becomes quite cheap to handle.

I’m going to keep working on the idea and such and conciser options. I’ll probably start development over on for the new Dhampir Dreams as well eventually.