Blogging = Freedom

Apparently someone at Linux Journal took exception to a man saying it was time for the bloggers like myself who are’t professionals to give up and throw out everything related to our work. I guess with everything else out there it makes sense if your not dedicated to somethings.

The whole article is here. Here’s an excerpt for you.

I’ve been blogging since 1999. I’ve also been flickring, facebooking and tweeting for most of the time those services have been around. All are good for some things, but not everything, least of all for what blogging does best.

As personal journals on the Web go, blogs have no substitute. Twitter is fine for 140-character micro-postings, and for the ecosystem surrounding it. But micro-posts are not journals. Flickr is great for posting, tagging, organizing and annotating photographs, and for allied services such as creating groups and the rest of it, but it ain’t blogging. Facebook has some blogging features, but at the cost of forcing the blogger to operate in a vast hive of non-journalistic activity — and flat-out noise.