Extending my reach.

Well, I’ve spent some time actually putting some stuff on Facebook and some interconnections here on Dhampirdreams.com. It’s been very interesting and intriguing to find ways to make everything I use connect to eachother. I’ve got the blog here setup so I can post links from posts here to facebook, a link here that takes a digest of my daily twitter posts to post it all here. it’s all very interesting as you look at the possibilities. The thing that really made me want to avoid using twitter or Facebook at either time was that I didn’t know how I was going to keep adding information to everything while not forgetting I had an account somewhere.

It’s great when someone takes these problems and provides a solution for them. Right now I’ve got it all as I want for the most part. We’ll see what goes from there. If someone could explain hashtags from twitter to me though I would appreciate that.