Favorite Fanfiction by people OTHER THEN Me

I figured I would take some time and share some links to other peoples fanfictions that other people have written that I loved. The first of these are obviously Axel “Terizaki’s Child of Love” and Rakna’s “The One I Love Is”. These were two of the first fanfics I ever read and did enjoy them. They also sort of forged the way for the types of fics I found myself enjoying most.

Other fics that sort of forged my enjoyment further and the like were stories by Random1377 as well as several other folk over time. Certain stories by Slayer lead me to contact him and suggest more information for his tales. I do enjoy helping with people’s stories at times. And as the Neon Genesis: Goddess series continued to build I couldn’t help but enjoy it. I’ve helped the man out a few times, but his work is very good on it’s own. So I do recommend reading those tales.

Walter Kovacs is working on a wonderful Evangelion/Macross cross over called To The Stars. I started assisting him with editorial help and pre-reading as well as conceptual assistance. The story itself is very good and well thought out so I would recommend reading it and posting comments to let him know how good or bad you think it is.

Also, FFN has a great amount of good ideas lately. One of which is the “Superwomen of Eva” stories being done by Mike 313, Orionpax, The Rei-Fan, and Archdruid-Sephiroth. These are very good takes on the Eva-verse using Marvel comics character concepts to build off them.

Mike 313 also has another fic I’m very much enjoying called “Altered Destinies” where Misato is regressed physically back to fourteen years old. Similar to Gunman’s “Misato’s Second Childhood” in set up but not in flow. Gunman’s work moves the relationships way too fast and over does the personalities majorly.

More of my favorites can be found listed on my FFN profile as well as favorite Authors. Take a look and see if you agree with me.