Hanging out, out and about!

So I sometimes just drive around Granbury and enjoy the small town I live in. When I do I usually find me a spot to sit down and have a bite to eat, a cup of coffee, anything really. So today I decided to sit down and eat at Whataburger and have dinner here.

This is one of my favorite places to eat in general around this town. There are probably other burger places that are unique to Granbury, just like Babe’s Chicken down on the square. Thing is, it’s not just the uniqueness of a place that makes it good to hang out at.

It’s the people that work behind the counter, how they great you, how they hang out as they do their job, take breaks, have their own meals that make the difference.

There are places like that everywhere I’ve found. That place you find that’s more then just a place to purchase some product or another and then leave. There are places that you can just go, and enjoy the company of the people that work there. And not just that, but to be able to just take in the atmosphere of the world as it progresses, the lives that come and go through the doors and bask in it all.

I suppose that right there is what one has to find in their lives. Places, people, and events that one can simply enjoy and bask in.