How We Create a New Universe!

One of my favourite sites in the Reddit page “Humanity, Fuck Yeah!” This reddit is based around stories where Humans kick ass, take names, and aren’t ashamed of being human. We aren’t the charges of some benevolent alien species. We are the ones who kick ass, who stand up and do what needs to be done.

You can see it in how things have been built up. One of the story series on HFY I love is Humanity’s Gift, a Book series by member j1xwnbsr. It is a wonderful space opera that builds upon the idea of First Contact and how we rise to the occasion. It’s already got 1 book completed, and I believe that j1xwnbsr will actually publish a novel grade book here at some point.

And of course we have another example of interesting world creation. The Jenkins-verse by Hambone3110. I call it a verse because out of the original story “The Kevin Jenkins Experience” has risen several connected stories. Some recognized as canon, some not. I’ll begin posting my contribution to Dhampir Dreams starting Monday and will repost each chapter once a week every week here.  I’m trying to get chapter 6 written myself so it will be added, and need to talk to Hambone later.

But these are the things I’m hoping to create, I have some information myself from the original Imperium Nocturna forum fic from Darkscribes and I will probably break it up and post it in parts over time as well. The original forum posting at least. I also have background information for taking that and making it original, but I’m still pondering.

We desire to create visions of the future, of world that have been, or might become. When we do that we create something beyond just a sequence of letters, grouped in words and organized into pages. We create ideas of so many things.

Lets discuss the kind of worlds we can create, shall we?