Ideas for things to work on

This is more of a brainstorming post then anything. Me just putting ideas out into the ether to see what develops. It’s part of my new attempt to write something everyday. Even short blog posts.

One of the things I”m thinking of doing are short articles on the Drupal development process I’m going through. I could work on that and post them, or schedule their postings over time. It’s a thought at least. I’ll need to think on it. Need images and the like.

I’m also needing to work on actual stories, original and fanfics, just no idea how to bring myself to dedicate that kind of time to something I really make no money on. Still, I should dedicate time to things that I find fun and enjoyable. Just not sure if I can at times. It would be nice if I could make a living wage doing this. Or at least be interesting to read.

I have thought of this before and have been on the down side. It happens. I can just keep trying.