Imperium Being Expanded

Well, I’ve been trying to work on Imperium for a while on my own now. So far I haven’t gotten much assistence from the folk who said they would help, so from now on I will be treating it as my own story. Comments of course welcome but still, would have been nice if the folk who made a commitment. But that’s fine, gives me more freedom to do what I want with the story line. I’m working on that now and hoping to get further. I have many idea which will make their way into Imperium. Check here for more news.

I am also trying to write up and finish my fanfictions. Once I have finished those for good, I will more then likely retire from Fanfiction. I may do one or two more new stories that I already have begun on my system here, but aside from those I am basically going to dedicate myself to Imperium and other original works. Many or which will be on DS, Imperium however will not be, it’s getting it’s own site.

In the spirit of Open Source which I adore I will be putting my work out on the Creative Commons licence with some rights reserved.