Linux IS ready, and Vista’s worst nightmare!

I have, for the longest time, declared LInux to be more then ready for regular home use. It’s more stable and more secure then most any windows platform. Ease of install has improved depending on the distro you choose. Getting work done and having some fun is easy and not as big an issue as some say.

Yet there are still folk who say it’s no where near ready for the main stream. For them I got a few words.

First off, the guy whose gonna call with issues getting his video card working in Linux would have the same issue in Windows, not because it’s hard to do, but because he’s an idiot. Fact is, it’s not the OS that’s hard to figure out, it’s the user that’s a freakin moron and expects things to be given to him on a silver platter. Fact is, that guy would have issues no matter what operating system they used.

The only thing that Linux needs work in is gaming, and if we accept it’s ready for the desktop in general we KNOW it’s ready for gaming. We just need games and drivers for it. With the advent of OpenGL and OpenAL, which are cleaner and more usable alternitives to Direct-X in Windows we now have the stepping stones for high end games in a Linux enviroment.

The fact that the USER is prohibited from loading software except as root is a good thing. It prevents the loading of programs that aren’t safe, and acts as one of many anti-viral safeguards putting only the individual users data at risk. Not the rest of the system.

And the biggest factor that proves linux is ready. MS Vista’s release in the near future. Vista, aside from being 64-bit and having more eye candy and resource hunger is nothing more then a shody upgrade to XP. Anyone whose even read the EULA would be insane to shell out the money for this product. You only get to do one major upgrade before MS demands you pay them again. This is unacceptable when a viable and superior alternitive is available, and doesn’t lock you into a draconian Devil’s Bargain.

Linux is ready, it’s been ready, and it can supplant Windows as the dominant OS. The only people who think it can’t, are afraid of change, or can’t handle the idea of having to learn things. It’s time to stop catering to the lowest common denominator, and start expecting people to educate themselves.