Media Transcoder C++: The initial design

I’m working on the transocder, learning C++ as I go and trying to make thing as easy as possible. Right now it looks like the entire thing has to be in C++. Fact is I’m thinking that instead of making this specific to Amarok to encode this as something that could be placed in any program. Thing is I’m wondering how much reinventing the wheel I’ll end up doing. I dislike the idea of reinventing the wheel.

Since I’m just now coming in to this I’m looking at potential places to pull calls from. Perhaps make calls to external libs for a transcoder program of any kind. If this program is going to be at all usable for more then just Amarok then it’s going to be best to figure out things like libraries and calls to them as opposed to going form scratch. Right now I’m looking at potentially calling specificly to the lame and ffmpeg libs. Not sure yet. FFMPEG has everything in C and I’ve not even started looking in lame.

So the idea behind the Media Transcoder is that it will take a file in from whatever is needed and tag it and bag it so to speak.

I’m actually working on adding meta data files for video files like podcasts for Amarok at the moment. This is mostly small stuff for me to work on and increase my C++ and Amarok 2 knowladge.

Which means everything should just need to either be added to the mp4 m4v and any other file that will be added to a media device. Should be extensable and easily added into the part of Amarok for the program.

Right now I’m still thinking. Gonna have some more discussions with the folk in the chatroom.