ODF vs OOXML – A No Brainer.

I think it’s pretty obvious where I fall on this issue simply by who is supporting which format. Fact is I feel ODF is superior to OOXML is all ways as it relates to platform independence, interoperability, and content fidelity. OOXML is ladden with a buch of crap from Word 1.0 on, and in order to completely implement the spec you have to include bugs that were never fixed in previous office formats. As well the 6000 page spec only says you have to implement it, with no indication of HOW you should implement it.

Why the HELL should this spec include a thosand depreicated constants and bugs from previous versions of the doc format?

Rob Weir goes into details about the flaws in the process so far that has allowed OOXML to fast track through the ECMA rubber stamp to ISO.

Grokdoc.net has a listing of objections to the OOXML format that have been or will be submitted to ISO in order to prevent the standards body from adopting the OOXML format as a standard.

Fact is that the OOXML spec is only going to be able to be fully implemented by Microsoft. No other implementation will be possible due to the pure volume of depricated crap and purposfully left in bugs in the spec. IBM has already made public statements against the OOXML spec.

For more information on the ODF format check out Opendocument.xml.org for more details on the ODF format.