RTFM and Stories

I’m working on the RTFM offerings as much as I can. I’ll work up and finish off the C400 RTFM with everything I did. I’m always open to more suggestions on filling that up. The E1505 RTFM needs to be modified slightly and updated with everything I’ve done to get that one working. That included using 855Resolution to get things working with the widescreen. I’ve been stuck without an available high speed line for a while so I haven’t checked to see if the new X.org 7.1 drivers fix that minor flaw.

Once I get an M1210 I’ll be able to work on that some and get you more info. Anyone with insight on Mobile Broadband and ilnux is more then welcome to chime in. I’ll take any info you can give me.

I’m progressing on my stories some, getting some of them worked on. Once I can finish off the Fanfiction I can really give Original Work a more dedicated effort. I’ll definatly be working on those some. Also, I’m concidering taking a page from the folk behind UbuntuCE and try to offer up a Ubuntu Writing and Publishing offering. This would be a simple ISO customized as CE is. Only instead of Christian interest programs I will probably fill it out with programs meant for publishing and writing stories. Dictionaries, thesarus, digital publishing tools. Things like that. If anyone is interested in helping with that just say the word.

A KUbuntu derivative would also be welcome.