SCO, Microsoft, OOXML v ODF, and who knows what else!

Hello folks. I know I’ve been negligent keeping the blog up to date but I’ve been busy. Finally got the writing bug back for some of my fanfics and got some new stuff posted on DS. Always a good spot to go for Fanfiction if I do say so myself. I’m trying to get back in the mood for Imperium as well, so expect SOME movement on that site here in the mid-range. I really probably should take some time to outline Imperium and hope that helps me move it a bit faster.

A lot of stuff has happened since I last posted. The big thing though is pretty good news for us linux nuts. SCO’s claims of Copywrite on the Unix and Unixware trademarks were summarily found to be property of Novell and the SCO was obligated to obey the Novell folk when it comes to ending their copywrite suit against IBM. SCO’s case has pretty much been eviscerated from this ruling. When the Nazgul are finished with them well… the executive board may beg the SEC to throw them in jail.

Vista has been a nightmare to deal with at work. Too many things are incompatable, too many people wanting to use five year old hardware with the new OS, and too many programs just out last year that are wholly incompatable. Just way too much going wrong here. Hell, DX10 and DX10.1 are really hurting me, since neither Nvidia or ATI have a stable DX10 driver for their DX10 compatable hardware.

MS added another headache when they said that the DX10 compatible hardware out now will be completely unusable and incompatible with DX10.1. And People wonder why I push Open Source, OpenGL, and OpenAL as the way to go.

MS also seems to be trying to buy standardization for OOXML. Way too many people being bribed into supporting this abomination of a standard. We already have a truly open and extensible ISO supported standard. There is no reason to fast track OOXML especially with all the many flaws built into it. Too many requirements that the OOXML format support bugs from older binary versions of Office. Just drop that first off and actually change the standard to fix those problems.

That’s my opinion though. I’m no expert.

Fanfic wise I posted two new fics. Exile which can be found here, and the first chapter of a short comedy fic called Neko-Waffers, which can be found here.

Most if not all of my older fics are slated for MAJOR revisions before their next chapters come out. I’ll be working on those chapters over time, but they will all be revised before I post their next chapters. FFN also has my current work.