Should I Opine?

I’m pondering things to write, ideas to explore and started in my head working on a Political Op-Ed. I suppose I, like so many others have my own thoughts on things. My own opinion on that which happens in my world. Things is, I’m just a guy. I’m not in the heart of a major city. I’ve not spent a life time as an activist, nor as a constitutional lawyer. All I am is a simple man trying to make his way in the world.

I just happen o want to do it using words. But does that mean that those words can be beneficial in an ever changing and more aggressive political landscape? Can what I have to say enhance the conversation, or will I just be bringing down unneeded Hell upon my little space here? I’m not sure.

So I’ll write up a small Socio-political article and post it, and see what folk think. As always I hope this will enhance the conversation.