Tech Support Translation Dictionary

Part of the stuff that gets me about me new job is the people who expect everything to be 100%. If it’s not perfect they blaim you, forget about it being partly the fault of the software. Then they throw out a bunch of tersm that really have no meaening to me. Here’s part of it.

I’m a lawyer = I’m too stupid to figure out anything that doesn’t require me to run my mouth.

I’m in IT = They gave me the admin password for the workgroup.

I’m a Doctor = I’m okay cutting open flesh but require a little nood-nick thing like cracking open a case and I’m lost.


I really dislike these kind of calls. And I dislike these kind of customers.

  • I know exactly what you mean. Speaking of adventures in tech
    support, have you seen this site?

  • orlin

    hahahah 😉 that was cool at least.. not too much techie here, so it
    is more fun reading…

  • Codey

    Take it easy ld, you only have to represent the company not take
    anything personaly. Think of it as a chalange of self control. Just
    clear your mind of the anger and frustration at the end of the
    day… bad thoughts go away… slow deep breaths… mind light as a