The Forbidden Kingdom

Two of the greatest martial arts actors of this generation in one movie. That in and of itself is worthy of note about this film. It’s a combination of styles, not just in action but acting. Jackie Chan, whose roles involve a lot of speaking and humor you don’t see in a lot of these types of films. Jet Li, who speaks very little but strikes hard when he has to. Defiantly something of note to watch and see how the two interact.
The basic plot starts out with your basic kid is taken from the world he knows into a world he’s only seen in movies. Honestly this is simply a tried and true plot device. What makes it interesting is what the talent in the cast brings to it. The settings and landscapes that this was filmed in are extremely beautiful to watch. Fact is that the experience brought in by Chan and Li balances out the newbies as you watch the movie.
I won’t go into specifics, the wonder in this movie can not be put into a single review, but I will say that you should see it and enjoy the ride. It’s a great story, with a lot of wisdom.