The Fourth of July for 2015

This time of year it’s important for all of us to take a moment and reflect on the state of our Country. We talk about it all year round, but today isn’t really a day for protesting. It’s one of the days of the year we set aside for Family, Friends, and Fun. That’s really what the important part of today is. We take a moment to appreciate what we have and who we have. We remember how many of our ancestors fought to first establish this country, then to protect and ensure its continued existence. We remember all of those who gave their last measure of blood, the ultimate sacrifice.

Now, a lot of people only care to talk bout our mistakes, and we’ve made our fair share. It’s important to note that up until the turn of this century there really wasn’t any single country on Earth that wasn’t trying to dominate and control another through force of arms or economy. The previous Century brought forth change at a rate more extreme and rapid then any century previously. It only sped up after the Second World War with the advancement of computer technology, which led to more rapid distribution of information. Social reform as well sped up, where change that would linger and take centuries to even be talked about happened in barely years, a decade at most. It’s difficult to see things though, and to try and see them with the filter of present day ignores an important point.

Regardless of what happened, what battles needed to be fought, and what wrongs needed to be righted we stand together. Where Europe would continue to fracture and fight against itself or cause suffering on their neighbors we tried to remain united. When we fought against each other during our Civil War we shed more blood then before or since. The reasons can be debated, but at the end of the day we fought a war against ourselves about whether we would stay together. Those who fought for the Union won that war.

Most days we see those who would tear our world asunder for hate, for ideology, for money. We see people demanding we give up all of our rights because it offends them, or they threaten us with blood and death. We’ve spent the last fifty years trying to not just ensure peace at home, but to try and spread Peace for as many as we could. This is NOT something to be condemned or ridiculed. No other country made any attempt for centuries to try and improve life for those outside their borders, regardless of what those in the Old World would like to believe.

So we stand here this Fourth of July, when we declared our Independence from the Tyranny of Europe. We said All Men are Created Equal, and while we haven’t always lived up to that promise we’ve done our damnedest to do so. Even now we are still trying to figure out how best to ensure our people, our country can continue to Fulfilled the Promise of that Declaration without losing who we are as we do so. It’s a difficult thing to do, especially in this day and age, but we have to. If not us then who?

Remember those who gave their lives, their blood, to try and help and create a More Perfect Union. Not absolutely perfect, but as close as humanity can get. We get closer every time we stand, protest, assemble, debate, and agree or disagree. Only when we descend to violence do we fail. Peaceful discussion and debate leads to more ideas.

So Happy Fourth, and enjoy your time with the people who are important to you. And remember, you are the United States.