The iPad… the answer for the Tablet market?

Well, Apple has decided that they shall put out a tablet PC that they think will work. Obviously the Mac crazies will go for it, those wanting in on the next trendy piece of kit will go for it. Then you have people like me who will wait, and wait, and wait until we’re sure it will do what we need. Frankly after taking some time to play with the iPod touch i can see how apple may think scaling it up and switching the OS to something closer to their main computer systems might fly. Frankly i don’t mind the design, or the applicable form factor. I’m not sure I’d use it for real work though. I still dislike software keyboards, though to be fair I never used a software keyboard on a device bigger then 3 inches for the screen.

The iPad vs the iPod Touch

As you can see from the image here the device is rather comfortable for those of us who have issues with the smaller devices. One of the things that stop me from enjoying the iPod touch when I see it and play with it is that I can’t read the text in safari. It’s just too small. However, with a screen this size on the iPad I might actually be able to enjoy the net on a tablet. Now, we shouldn’t forget that the iPad is just the latest, and quiet possibly most effective, attempt at a tablet device. Several companies tried back a few years ago. Lenovo has some thinkpads that can do this. HP has a notebook as well that at 12 inches is rather interesting to consider. My personal dislike of paying for Apple lock in would drive me to the HP offering first obviously.

Hopefully when it does become available to the general public we’ll be able to get a better bead on where things will progress. Obviously Amazon’s Kindle, Sony’s eReader, and other such devices are going to be the ones that are really in for a problem due to their form factors. It’s not an e-ink screen, but it’s a nice look and as all you have to do is install Amazon’s Kindle software for mac to use their ebooks, well that’s up in the air.

I’ll take a wait and see, and then maybe something will push me to get one, but not for the time being.