To Tweat or Not to Tweat

I’ve been thinking of all the possibility of using the miccroblogging services like Twitter. Frankly right now I don’t do a LOT of tweating, and i don’t have much I would WANT to tweat about at times. It seems to me at least that the idea is just short snippets of things that don’t really matter surrounding a lot of other things. Not idea if it’s really worth the time to do any of it. It might be good to have twitter when say you at an event and your reporting back to the audience in short spurts to let them know how things are. Personally I prefer the ability to have my entire article here and then edit it. I’m not 100% sure it’s a good thing FOR ME. I’ll work on it some, but who knows.

I have a few new articles that will be going up soon as I write them. A few things to consider and the like.