Vista Express Upgrades available.

I was configureing a laptop for fun on today, just for fun like I want to do on occasion. And after the OS selection window I saw express upgrade to Vista pop up. Looks like Dell is now giving folk free upgrades plus shipping and handling for WIndows Vista home and Pro versions. I suppose with Vista so close at hand they need to be doing this to keep folk from waiting on purchasing a system. This makes perfect business sense from a standpoint of computers because you have this highend OS upgrade coming out, and you don’t want your customers waiting to get it.

On the other hand I hate windows with a passion and would only get Vista if I had a labotomy. But a free upgrade if I get a configured system is tempting. More then likely, when I get my M1210 I’m going to be stripping it and putting Gentoo on there.

It’s all about the freedom to choose man.