Vista is Here… and Here’s why I say no.

Anyone who has read this blog knows I dispise using MS software. It’s buggy, it’s insecure, and it’s horribly devoted to locking me out of my computers inner workings. Vista has come to replace XP, and the issues that sent me away from XP swearing are back in full force and worse in some cases with Vista.

To start, if you are concidering Vista and haven’t read this article by Peter Guttman on the DRM built into Vista. Basically what this means is if you don’t spend a shit load of money to get all the DRM approved hardware into your system you will have reduced and degraded quality, BY DESIGN, of all premium blu-ray and HD-DVD content on this system. MS decided that the desires of the Content industry trumped the peoples rights to fair use. More issues will provide lock in to windows of consumers, and lock OUT of competitors.

All legal and above board due to DMCA I suppose. It’s still illegal for me to watch a DVD, key word in this is WATCH, in Linux due to DMCA. Needless to say I find this abhorent.

Lets not forget the hardware requirements to pull off Aero. For the cost to get a vista ready system where you can use aero you get… Multi-Color selections and transparency of said colors. You can’t change ANYTHING ELSE. Sorry, but when you’ve used Beryl or Compiz and have gotten as good or better effects on substantially lower end hardware you become harder to impress. My E1505 with it’s intel 945GM card would be prohibited from running Aero.

Well… if I need that much hardware just to pull off transparency then explain to me why the same can do shit like this:

Beryl + 3D cube

I suppose I may be a little hard to please. Perhaps I’m jumping the gun here. But when I have an os that tries it’s hardest to take my rights to my data stores away from me like Vista does I get pissed.

My professional recommendation is that reguardless of who you buy your next system from, refuse to accept windows at all. And if they won’t sell it to you demand a Windows refund and install a linux os like Ubuntu or Fedora Core. You’ll be getting better reliabilty and graphical ability then you will with Vista. You won’t have to deal with the DRM lock-out. The only reason I could say anything other then this is if you are a hardcore gamer and can’t live without your worthless World of Warcraft or what not… even though WoW is completely supported in Cedega.

  • Bill

    Maybe you should learn how to use spell check for a start. What a
    joke. You can’t even write coherently, do you really expect anyone
    to take you seriously? Just another MS basher that isn’t qualified
    to even speak on the subject.

  • LD

    … And you had something to add yes?

  • Tim

    I concur. You really need to proof read. There are spelling
    mistakes, weird sentece phrasing and some senteces make no sense at
    all. Some times you capitalize Vista, Aero and Linux, other times
    you don’t. Blu-Ray should be capitalized. This sentence; “To start,
    if you are concidering Vista and haven’t read this article by Peter
    Guttman on the DRM built into Vista.” Should be something like; “To
    start, if you are considering Vista you should read this article by
    Peter Guttman on the DRM built into Vista.” And the link needs to
    be fixed caused it’s 404.

  • STFU microsoft whore

  • Zeke

    I absolutely agree with your opinion. People depend on information
    technologies more and more. Someone who will be in control of
    information technologies will be in control of society. If you
    don’t have source code there is no way to find out what happens in
    your system. I have nothing against commercial software in general.
    But if you sell your programs please sell source code, not the
    binaries. Personally, I use only open source software in my system
    and recommend to do the same.

  • I believe it’s correct to point to a blogger any possible error
    (conceptual or spelling)…but hey, did you add anything
    new/interesting in this discussion with your critcs for bad
    spelling? I believe the correct answer is “NO, DAMN!” So please,
    just don’t try to minimize the opinion of a fellow memeber of the
    Web only for his spelling…we aren’t all natural-born English (I
    am not)

  • I agree with your opinon as well LD. For the fact that I bought a
    Vista laptop (Acer Aspire 5100) from Best Buy. Here are the
    problems I had with Vista: 1) My computer is pretty decent; but,
    Vista made it run like a Pentium I running 177 MHz with 5MB of Ram.
    (I have the 512 MB ram with the 2.0 GHz AMD Semprion+) 2) It took
    forever to load. 3) I put all my music on it and I couldn’t listen
    to a single song because it kept chopping it up. I ripped a CD to
    my HD after I tried to listen to my music and it played fine. 4)
    Vista fried the HD after a month. I had to wait 3 weeks for Acer to
    send me a new HD, when they told me that Vista had a critical error
    that wiped out the Master Boot Record and cause major surface
    damage to the drive. Then they still tried to get me to buy a
    recovery DVD that contained the VILE Vista program. 5) VISTA is a
    ball licker! I want to switch to linux (I had to install XP Home to
    keep from voiding my warranty) but I can’t seem to find the right
    version for me. I’m just an everyday computer user, I write my
    fanfics on here watch my DVD’s burn DVDs with my dual layer burner.
    But I can’t find linux drivers for my hardware and I’m not a
    programmer. If anyone has some suggestions please let me know!