When We Overload Ourselves

I’ve spent the last few hours trying to figure out some things relating to my blog here and my accounts with facebook, myspace, twitter, all of that. fact is though, it seems everyone has pages upon pages of social networking sites. If you only needed one that be nice. But each site grants different things. And the bitch of it is that you really should try to link most of them together as you can. Hence why I’m having such a headache. I found stuff to help with all of it but it’s difficult for someone like me that’s completely dead to the world on some things.

But the real thing to think of that I’m getting to is this. Do we really need to spread what we post from here to every corner of the net? Does everyone need to know everything at every moment? Are we so in need of knowing that someone is listening that we have to continuously post place after place after place?

Just some questions for you to consider.