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Re-thinking Worlds

Many people have tried to answer the questions revolving around our universe. Who are we? Why are we here? How does time flow? Questions that have as many answers as the stars visible in our night sky. And many of these answers shape our reality just by being thought of. When we dream of worlds beyond our own, sometimes those world take form and breed gods with power beyond our understanding. And sometimes when we make the smallest of changes to our everyday lives, miracles happen.

All of these lines, these realities we form branch off as they are built upon and dreamed by others we share them with. We give more reality to these things as they build and evolve. One could say that for every idea conceived, every story told, every thought written down a new universe is opened up. Some would describe it in a way similar to the World Tree Yggdrasil, and reality crawling along her many branches.

Perhaps there is a place, where some watchful gardener takes a cutting from Yggdrasil. A snip, a young man watching two suns set on the horizon. Another, two brothers travel a lonely road protecting people from things beyond our realm. Yet another, a war between people who were once proud to call each other friend is waged across the stars. And yet another, where a group of extraordinary individuals band together to fight a god. An orchard of worlds, each telling its own story. Each slightly different from the world tree it was cut from, yet still the same in so many ways.

And as with all trees in many orchards, there are places where branches from different trees intersect. With their roots entangled with one another, this orchard of worlds regularly collide with unusual results.

I’ve been pondering things to write for all the sites and things of that nature. I’m already working on an idea in my head for Starbase-42, and I’m trying to create some worlds and such for Darkscribes. Original and Fanfiction creation is a difficult process. Fanfiction gives you a world of characters and history to work with, but you have to be able to bring something compelling to that world or it’s not worth it. Sometimes you get a major idea and want to build around a few things with elements from other worlds. Personally depending on how that is handled it always seems… over done to me.

There is a way to combine and mix and match elements of stories together WITHOUT making it feel tacked on or over done. I try to achieve that myself with crossovers but it’s a fine balance. You can’t make it too much one way or the other.

But if you can pull it off it makes a great story.

The Sorting

One of the things I’ve been doing due to the recent refit of all my sites is sorting my ideas. I’m trying to create a lot of work across several addresses, and it’s not easy. I’ve got Star Trek based ideas and posts going up on the Starbase-42 group over on Fanbards.net, which I’m trying to add content beyond just old Fanfictions to. Darkscribes is getting a lot of Original content in the form of worlds I’m trying to conceive of and add to the page there. Imperium Nocturna is in fact moving over there as the first world.

Lemontastica.net handles itself for the most part. I don’t really write erotica but I don’t mind offering a place for folk who do. I do eventually need to see if I can add some age checks to that group, and I will eventually. Just need some work on it.

And here I’m working on my personal work. Opinions, what I’ve tried, what I’m trying. What I dream of. I’m actually thinking of saving up for a good video camera and posting some videos of me talking to Youtube. I just don’t know if it’s a good idea, but it’s an idea. 🙂

I’ll keep trying for some more over time. Let me know your opinion of this segmentation and such. I’m always wanting opinions. 🙂