Amarok 2 Script – Media Device Transcoder and uploader

Right now I am working on learning QT script so I can build an Amarok 2 script for transcoding media for media devices. This includes music, videos, and uploading pictures. Which means I will need to figure out how to get access to lame, mencoder, and other things for meta data.

The process is being helped by the Amarok community and I’m also looking over podencoder by Mark Pilgrim. Still, there are going to be some issues in developing this as I WANT to make this something tht can be cross-platform. Any recommendations on THAT one would be helpful.

I’ll post more info as I develop this. Right now I’m trying to understand variables and importing libs I may need.  One issue the Amarok comunity may have to address is metadata for videos. THings like the no shuffle bit and other things videos would need more then say music and pictures.