Data – Handle with Care!

I’m sitting here, still fighting the migration fight on the Darkscribes system. I’ve actually gotten good results with the Drupal Feeds module to get everything in slowly but surely. I’ll probably start working on other things as time goes on when it’s done but first it has to be done. Now I’ve messed around a lot with certain options in Drupal and now it’s time to discuss them.

First I was trying to use Migrate module. This takes everything direct from the old databases and creates content that way. It was SUPPOSED to be relitivly easy, but unfortunatly it was anything but. Mostly because I could never figure out how to get the damned thing to see the other databases. It’s a total failure to launch on that side.

So I started working on feeds and I have made more progress with it then I ever have with migrate. Thing is that it’s all csv files which sounds easy if you know what they are. But it can be extremely tedious as you work on the tables. Especially as I’ve learned more and more about it and tried to get everything into the system. I’ve managed to do pretty well so far, but I’m still cleaning data and improving on things. one issue is that I’m probably going to have to delete data before import, as some of it just doesn’t look right.