KDE 4.4.0

I got the chance to install and toy around with KDE 4.4.0 and some of the new program additions. Right now everything seems to function rather well, no real changes in performance from 4.3.0. It’s the new way of selecting plasma apps for the desktop, desktop activities, and desktop layouts that take the cake this time around.

In previous 4.x releases you got a scroll menu of applets for your desktop and panels when you wanted to add widgets. Now you get a filmstrip at the bottom of the screen that you can select your widgets from. it makes looking for things a little easier.

Desktop acivitys are also a good thing. This plays into the netbook desktop layout which allows you to organize your self and your display as well as you can. It also starts out as a netbook layout setup to make your life easier if you have a netook your installing on. I suggest you give it a try and see what you think.