KDE Test Part 2

Well I’ve been using KDE almost a week now exclusivly. So far it’s not that bad though I’m certain some will disagree with me. Certain K apps are usable only. Others are definatly superior to their Gnome bretheren. Kopete is definatly a step above GAIM in certain features. However kopete does not seem to have file transfers built into the system. Their for I will have to say that KDE has it’s plus and minuses as Gnome did. I like the fact all the settings for the system are in one place with Control Center. However Gnome’s preferences menu is just as effective. Nothing I know of really beats the utility of Konqueror at this time. It’s clean, fast, and just as functional as Firefox with comperable settings and site usage.

If you are still using some GTK+ apps with KDE the best option looks wise is to go without the mac menu bar setup along the top and to install the gtk-engines-qt so that you get the exact same look through all your apps. Of course a lot of your program choices will be dictated by your individual tastes. As with all things one size does not fit all.

Fact is I probably will eventually either reinstall this system and try some more modifications to get it working in different ways. I may go back to Gnome, I’m not entirely sure yet. However I can say that as a Desktop Enviroment KDE has much going for it. I would definetly recommend it to anyone wanting to use a fast effective interface with lots of configurability and integration between applications.

  • I’m still confused as to why people like to associate the KDE
    desktop with KDE apps. People seem to get hung up about using all
    KDE apps if they are using KDE and all Gnome apps if they are using

  • LD

    Because the stylistic look between GTK and QT apps can have a bit
    of an impact. QT programs are going to look more at home in KDE
    because they use the QT toolkit. Same goes for GTK and Gnome. Of
    course in gentoo if you emerge gtk-engines-qt and apply that to
    your gtk+ apps using gtk-chtheme then you don’t notice a real
    difference visually. Of course you can’t control those apps the
    same way you can KDE native apps, say if you have the screen setup
    in a mac style. Personally I always say use what gets the job done.