Gentoo Linux running on a Dell E1505

I recently got a new Dell E1505 since my desktop fried beyond belief. So I got it here, stripped Windows XP Media Center and put Gentoo on here. I did this a few times and ended up with my current build. I’m using Kernel 2.6.16-r8 and X11 7.1-rc2. SO far things work fine except video ends up one shot only,cause when I close the player it does something and makes it weird colors.

Here’s a screen shot of what I have so far.

Screenshot of Enlightenment DR17
E DR17 running ETerm, Gaim 2.0 beta 3, and Xchat. Click the Image for a High Res version.

I like this setup honestly. I haven’t been able to completely cut out Gnome or KDE due to libraries other programs use,but I do like what I have for DR17. any questions just ask.

  • I’m planning to install Gentoo on my new Dell E1505 too! Seems like
    it doesn’t have any problem with the drivers, right? This
    encourages me a lot ^^

  • Juan

    Hi, congratulations for you installation … I’m trying to install
    Linux in my Inspiron 6400 (ATI 6400, Dell Wire less). I quote you:
    ” any questions just ask.” 🙂 I’m a new Linux user. I installed
    slackware and debian in a desktop. It wasnt straight forward, but
    it wasn’t so bad … I would like to have Debian in my laptop, and
    for sure I’m gonna have linux in it (debian, gentoo, anything …)
    Was it easy to install Gentoo? any manual for Gentoo and Dell
    Inspiron 6400/E1505? thanks, Juan

  • LD

    Not so difficult if you check the stuff. I used a bit from the
    Gentoo forum to get gentoo on here. It
    says 9400, but everything there applies for the laptop here.

  • ronan

    Hi! What are the specifications of your E1505 ? Which graphic card
    ? Which screen ? …. I would like to know this details because i
    am going to customize and buy a E1505 laptop Thanks Ronan