Setting up Linux: What you really need to know.

I origianlly was going to start a section on the main page for technical type articles and such. That never materialized but I did keep the couple of articles I did write. I’m debating adding such a section to the Sanctum page so we can share our knowladge with you, the folk out there.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m an open source proponent. I’ll admit, I’m pragmatic and would like some of the propriatary stuff out there opened up. However, I’m not a zealot who thinks everything should be gpl’d open source or never allowed to see thelight of day. The best thing about open source is that it can be whatever you need it to be. There are a thousand different distros, window managers, programs for office and such, anything you need. Honestly I do hope more folk will begin developing programs and utilities that focus towards the Linux OS, however a few folk refuse to see that in order to make it really feesable they have to give the developers and companies the freedom to choose NOT to share their code.

Lot of folk don’t feel that that freedom is really freedom. I disagree, and feel any zealot who’d say otherwise is infact going against the spirit of the opensource mantra.

My two cents of course.

Right now, I’m thinking of beginning a spate of posts to help folk get Linux setup on their computers. I may not be a dev, but I am a writer and therefore willcontribute through my writing.