The Great Desktop Debate

I have from time to time tried different desktop enviroments. The two big ones, Gnome and KDE, both have a lot of things going for them. There are somethings I dislike about both, but overall I usually go with Gnome for the ease of use and setup. I just install it and go. However that doesn’tmean I’d completely jetison KDE. There are a lot of KDE programs I like better then their Gnome equivalents. Amarok is one of those, though Kontact comes close with reguards to my PIM requirments. I still use Evolution personally, but there isn’t anything holding me to that program right now.

Thing is, a lot of folk get as zealotous about their favorite Enviroment as they do their favorite distro. This makes no sense to me, as a good setup should not be determined by the desires of the person who is in the know, but of the needs of the user who gets the system. is trying to unify how desktop enviroments work so that any program designed for either is interopperable in both functions and look and feel. Theoretically a program really shouldn’t be designed to only work on one enviroment. So we would hope that once the specifications are decided on and set we won’t need to worry.

But that is in the future. The more agreement between specifications on simple things the better Linux as a whole becomes.