Panopoly – Drupal Panels put into good use.

So, with the heavy lifting of DS done I’m playing around with different ideas of how to fix things in the site. Simplify workflows, reduce called items, things of that nature. So I installed the Panopoly distribution into the folder. I’m using the rebuild of Dhampir Dreams as a test of this so that I can get more knowladge before pondering how it can help me on DS. Installation of panopoly is the same as it would be for a default Drupal install so I’m not going to go into that part. That’s not where the interesting bits are anyways. Those are the Panopoly apps that you can install into your setup. They are basically layouts for various types of content. News, Pages, everything can be done differently. IT also makes use of, and frankly makes usable the panels in-place editor. Which allows you to select, move, edit, or delete content blocks on a pages panel layout without having to go to admin/structure/pages. So far I haven’t gotten to creating the content or the story pages I intend to be on Dhampir Dreams just yet. I’m going to do that one at a time as I rethink my default workflow. However it is interesting to note that instead of the default Drupal content types, Panopoly condenses it down to three things: News posts, Content pages, and Landing Pages. News posts are things like this. A post of information and such that gets popped into a page of news. That part isn’t too bad really and I kind of like it. All my posts in one page on the system and organized for me so I just have to modify things slowly. I’ll probably go into it more as I delve into such things and double copy posts to see how they work. Contant pages are things like the About Me pages or the others that I really need to work on. They are just straight up pages that have different contexts in both my mind and the mind of the developers of this distribution. I’m not entirely certain how it will look when I finish working on it but we will see as we go.