Switched to WordPress again

I’ve decided to try and keep this page running on WordPress while I’ll keep Fanbards/Darkscribes on Drupal. The two different specs will make it a bit easier to keep up with differences, and keep me focused. I hope at least.

This also means that I’m working towards trying and separating my Regular identity from my fandom one slightly. I’ve always tried to keep this separate, but there is still a bit of similarity in there. This should make things a bit more unique.

That being said, I have to wonder if there is a cause to NOT have a separate identity for fandom related activities as opposed to maintaining them. Facebook doesn’t allow you to have a secret identity, and as much as someone may like to think otherwise, having separate accounts is meaningless if you have your images posted all over the place.

I’ll be adding more real content to this page here soon. And I’ll be working towards improving current displays. More work.