Twitter Ticker

I started working my twitter displays for the site, trying to get everything to work properly and display the feeds for all the sites. Then as I’m created content panes for the Fanbards/Darkscribes/Evaficsnet/Lemontastica twitter accounts I had a thought. Why the heck should I be displaying those? I need the linked up to the Twitter Module, but I don’t really need to display the stuff I’m tweeting from there. I’m just doing things that would normally show up as an update. So I thought on it and decided something else might be a good idea.

So I setup a block to show all the twitter accounts I have setup to follow on the page. That way every time a cron run goes the site would pull in that information. The timeline gets updated and it keeps with the Twitter display requirements while keeping with the sites primary display style. I also had the idea that every time the cron is run that a story article or forum topic would be randomly tweeted to the four twitter accounts I have. That way more information could be gotten out while keeping things simple.

It’s an idea I’ll be looking into more readily as I go.