A guy on the Gentoo forums was giving away invites to Writely. For those of you who dont know, Writely is an online word processor designed to be used in your web browser. The plus of this service is all the files you work on are saved online, and best of allyou can invite folk to view and edit your documents with you. This sort of program is to me extremely usable, as I like to have folk read over what I’m working on for fics as I work. We’ll see if this sort of setup over time is usable and the way of the future. I’m not sure about any one company being able topull it off. But I would very much like to see an Open Source program to do this say on a private server. MS Office is also thinking along these lines with their Live offerings. I doubt I’ll ever WANT to use MS programs, but it’sonly a matter of time before the folks at Openoffice.org do the same.