Dell XPS 1210 – May buy one and linux it

Well, After a while offline I’ve finally gotten back from the digital exile. So what am I up to? Well for starters I’m thinking of upgrading my current laptop setup. I’ll probably give the E1505 to my cousin when I get the new one. I’m going to trick out a XPS 1210 from Dell. I’m going to work on the How to for that as I work on it.

I am going to try to get the Wireless WAN card in this model so anyone who knows anything on that please point me in that direction. I’d like that inorder to get the C400 working with a Sierra Wireless card. Assitiance on this front is appreciated.

In other news,now that I’ve left the military I’m working at Dell as an assigned worked in Troubleshooting. Should be good.

The components for the 1210 will be similar to the 1505, Upgrading a few parts like the video and sound cards. But the problem is going to be the Dell wireless wan card.