Ideas for new projects.

One of the things I’m going to do once I have my new place is setup a media center mythTV frontend. I checked with the folk on the Gentoo OTW Forum about the subject. A few folk had some real interesting ideas. Someof which could allow for a real good setup but with minimal needed hardware. I want the system as small as possible since it will be a settop box. I was thinking of the Dell XPS210 for this purpose, but with some of the idea posted that maybe more machine then needed.

Fact is a Mini-itx with a diskless linux setup might be best. However the problem is I’ve never in my life setup such a thing. Obviously this would require a major desktop system to back up the PXE diskless system. Mostly it will need a major amount of HDD space. That’s not to bad, since you can always add to a desktop with an external harddrive and such. This would be good for music and the like. However I’m still a bit on the edgy side with reguards to that. I sort of like the idea of having some HDD in the system for the basic OS, then go from there with the mythtv front end. I’m still debating the best option. I’m getting rid of my old Xbox once I can find everything for it. While I would concider making it the front end I’d rather go and hookup a mini-itx setup PXE boot.

If I do that I get a lot of power for little expense which is always good. However I want the front end to be able to do some things as well as the backend. I’m still debating the best option for everything. If any of you have any suggestions I’m all ears. Though I doubt I’ll have cash for much of a setup so I’m debating the best way to get the hardware I need. I would like the front end to be as small as possible. I’d also like to minimize the wires in the setup with some good wireless networking. I’m still figuring that stuff out.

Any tips let me know.