A Prologue to Something Greater?



“Some would say, that we were on a path of destruction. The world that had given birth to us we had neglected over time. We had crafted laws that punished those for their success, and kept those who were poor unable to fend for themselves. It was the legacy of all the worlds governments sacrificing their sovereignty to the United Nations, and placing the blame for societies ills on those who tried to be more then what they were. Those in power, simply craved more. There would seem to be no hope for those of us who would dream for something better then what the state wanted for us. So many dreams crushed, families destroyed because they refused to adhere to the new order.


“I had decided, that I would no longer stand for such destruction of dreams.”


From the private journal of Charles Hudson

— August 5, 2034


“Are we ready to proceed?”

“Yes sir.”

The sounds of steam and electronic equipment filled the air. Technicians and workers scurried about their jobs as the experiments preparations were finalized. This would be the final test, everything the previous tests had taught them had been put to use. They knew that this would be the one that ensured success. It had taken them twenty years to get this far. Preparations and plans had been made, time tables set. He watched the experiment from the back of the control room, as the subject moved into position.

This was the test that would make or break the project, one of many vital creations that all his plans hinged on. He watched the subject, an attractive woman in her mid twenties, enter the chamber . She settled herself into the chamber, while the scientists ran remote sensors from her body. They would monitor her physiological status until the final moment. Then she would sleep until such a time as the experiment was completed forty days  hence.

As the chamber was sealed he couldn’t help but think to himself, “What is it you will see when this is done? Will you see the world? Will you dream? What world will you dream of? Will you tell us when you wake up?”

He knew the young woman well, they had been friends and colleagues for several years. When he had begun the project he wanted no one else but her to oversee this part. This was her creation, and she had insisted on being the first human subject. She would allow no one else to take the risk. He respected her for that, her devotion to her work, and her passion for the dream they had envisioned. Had it been a different time and place they may have been lovers.

He walked up to the main control console, and clicked the intercom button, “Miranda, we’re all set in here.”

He could just hear the grin on her face as she spoke back, “I don’t know about you Chuck, but I’m feeling pretty sleepy myself.”

He couldn’t help but grin and chuckle at the statement, “Well, here’s to hoping you get enough rest. You’ll be under for forty days and forty nights.”

“Like Noah and his Ark,” Miranda said.

“As long as the dove flies after she’s let out,” Chuck said.

“Don’t worry, all the test animals woke up without any problems. This will be the same, just I’m paid for sleeping for over a month,” Miranda joked.

Chuck smirked, “You so sure about that?”

“Would you rather awaken a sleeping beauty, or the wicked witch?”

“Sleeping Beauty, someone has a high opinion of herself,” Chuck said, knowing full well he felt she fit the bill perfectly for it.

“You’ll see, when I wake up we’ll celebrate,”

“You’re treat, since you’ll have all that money saved up,” Chuck said, chuckling as he broke off contact. He turned to the project manager and turned control over to him.

Miranda closed her eyes, and the experiment began. As the chamber grew colder, and her body began to slow down she felt herself floating as if in a dream. She slept the most peaceful sleep she or any other human would ever know.