Story Ideas and Summary’s

Figured I’d give you folk a quick and dirty update on what I’m working on at the moment. Bunch of stuff going on in my world and I want to talk about it.

Fanfic wise, Forever chapter 2 is proceeding well. Things are progressing nicely and in time hopefully I’ll have it ready for Preread and posting soon. several plot points to come up as well as action and angst. We’ll see what you think when it’s ready.

Neko-Waffers is also proceeding well. I’m trying to come up with a few things to improve my comedy there, as well as some off the wall things. If i’ve jumped the shark, then that’s what I’m going for. Still deciding if my ideas for Gendo are just way too out there. We’ll see.

Everything else is on an as inspired basis. getting a bit more progress on Forgotten Warriors and a few others. Debating a few plot twists for Possessed as well. I want that one done in 2 chapters, with an epilogue.

I’ve also been trying to focus some on Imperium Nocturna. It’s been slow going as I have a thousand different ideas on how to handle that one. It’s not exactly what I would call easy to write something like that. We’ll see what happens as it seems I’m the only one interested.

I’ve also started work on a couple of original stories. One following the Devil on Holiday, another about a young boy taken in by a Yakuza boss. we’ll see how either fare.

Here’s a snippet from Devil’s Holiday

Lucifer just walked into the thrown room and threw himself into his chair. The impressive thrown was simply another artifice that never changed in the eternal sameness. Everything always the same from the cape and cowl he wore to the spiked shoulder guards. The clicking sound of his boots on the stone, the feel of the leather of his pants and satin of his tunic always felt the same. Lucifer simply leaned on his right hand and closed his eyes. The sounds of boots on stone filled his ears as the Archangel Micheal walked in. Lucifer simply stared at him. The white wings and golden armor one could see the perfect reflection of the soul just disgusted the Lord of Darkness. Not because of their purity but because it simply never changed.
“What do you want?” he said in a tired voice.
The holy creature began prattling on about something or another in that superior obey or suffer tone he always used. Lucifer simply nodded appropriately and listened just enough to know that it was nothing important. It was just more mundane shit, and he was expected to sit there and listen to it then say “I understand” and let the angel be on his way.
It was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. Lucifer stood up as Micheal was in mid sentence and proceeded to leave the room. Micheal was speechless, which gave way to righteous indignation.”Just one moment beast! This is vitally important, you will not turn your back on me and walk away. The Lord expects you to receive this message!”
Lucifer simply turned and looked at him with a tired and disinterested look, “It’s the same message you delivered last week, and the weeks and months and years and centuries before that. Let’s just skip it for today and you can be off.”
Lucifer simply walked past the bookkeeper and muttered, “I’m going for some coffee.”
The Bookkeeper simply stood there stunned as did everyone else.

I should really try to write in this thing more.